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Anonymous asked: Were you diagnosed with a personality disorder?

Yes, ASPD.


I don’t like the term “personality disorder”. It sounds negative. I don’t want to label or associate myself as being anything negative, as a general rule I don’t feel negative about who I am. Saying “personality disorder” makes it become a bad thing, I don’t see it as a bad thing. It’s just a fact about me.


Whenever someone I’ve just met, and have no interest in continuing to associate with, shows any kind of interest in me, I just drop the mask.

Only for an instant, but it works every time. They catch a glimpse of me and they run. Often without even realising it themselves.

I am not a monster, I’m merely a better you

Eli Leviathan (via eli-leviathan)

If you don’t want me to lie, don’t ask me to tell the truth.

—Eli Leviathan (via eli-leviathan)

Empaths feel justified in their cruelty and believe they are doing something good. Sociopaths are ambivalent. While they may hurt you, they at least consider you a human being. Empaths have to turn you into a monster, and no method of torture is too cruel for a monster. When criminals were drawn and quartered, it didn’t draw crowds of sociopaths to jeer and cheer. They were all empaths.

—unknown (via the-weaving)

I do not have an illness. I have an advantage.

—Eli Leviathan (via eli-leviathan)